As we close Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) it’s not the close of awareness we need to be vigilant all year long.

Here is 7 final tips to close out the month.

  1. When purchasing new devices update default passwords and review the settings and privacy policy of…

Why would someone want to target your Instagram account? You share what you ate, maybe the books you read, the shoes you bought, or that really cool image of the sky above. How is that going to help a hacker? Read on to learn more.

OK. Your obvious love of…

Phone MFA is OUT but it’s better than nothing…

Check out the latest blog post on here is an excerpt from the post.

“You’ve heard me talk about the importance of account security and making sure you have a strong password.

You’ve also heard me talk about setting up your #2FA or #MFA (Two Factor Authentication aka Multi Factor Authentication)

Don’t be confused about the new guidelines that #Microsoft has recently released.

MFA is still critically important and if you haven’t done so and you want to make sure you account is secure and you won’t get locked out because of a #forgottenpassword you should set it up now (if you need help message the page).

BUT the important thing to note is…. Continue Reading

Cybercrooks take advantage of top news, which means they’ve already found ways to send malware and steal money using COVID-19. Read this article sharing what to watch out for and what to do to stay cyber safe. Steer clear of coronavirus scams!

With the world grappling with a health pandemic…

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